Ken Rinehart Media is a digital film production company located in Denver, CO.  Our focus is on the production of high quality video content for individuals and companies in blue-collar service industries.  We do all we can to ensure your production is a smooth process.  Your production manager is your only contact for shooting and final product improvements prior to publication.

As a former program director for a jazz-based radio station Ken has developed a strong appreciation for music production. Having produced albums for up-and-coming artists for the last 15 years, Ken and team have uncovered a new passion producing personable video content.

Musicians have the opportunity to express themselves through their music, but what about individuals and small businesses looking to make a difference? Film offers a whole new medium for businesses and individuals to tell their story.

People want to know more than just what you want to do for them.  People want to know why you want to help them.  Ken Rinehart Media will help you tell your story.

You might be wondering, what if I want my production shot in my home or office?

Not a problem.  We will capture you in the environment that best suites your lifestyle and vision.

We believe you telling your story is as important to your business as your end product or service.  We want to help you better communicate with and inspire the people you want to help.